Crop Mob

Crop mob is primarily a group of young, landless, and wannabe farmers who come together to build and empower communities by working side by side. Crop mob is also a group of experienced farmers and gardeners willing to share their knowledge with their peers and the next generation of agrarians. 

What We Do


Crop mob began in the Triangle region of North Carolina in October of 2008. A group of 19 farmers, farm apprentices and members.

Past Farming

In the past farming was much more labor intensive. Activities like planting, harvesting, processing, and barn raising often required.

Farms & Farmers

While nationwide the number of farms and farmers has dwindled, right now in the Triangle area of North Carolina there is a surge new sustainable small farms.


Many crop mobbers are apprentices or interns on these sustainable farms. The need for community participation matches a desire for community among young people interested in getting into farming. The crop mob was conceived as a way of building the community necessary to practice this kind of agriculture.

Farmer For A Day – Cape Fear Crop Mob

Sweet Potato

The number of landless and itinerant young farmers, working alone or with a few other people, is a pretty large demographic in my world. sometimes missing is not only land ownership .


I wonder how much the Crop Mob is about agriculture and how much is simply about enjoying the company of like minded people? We came from all over to dig beds and spread mulch.

Crop Mobber

Crop Mobber Roshen Sethna created a photo documentary titled Victory of the Commons for a class at Duke’s Center for Documentary Studies. The documentary is about relationship to land.

Get Involved

If you are interested in hosting a crop mob, come and express your interest at the next mob.If you are interested in doing a media interview, we’ll see you at the next mob.

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