Crop mobs as agents for good

Crop mobs as agents for good is an introduction to the crop mob which is forming in Raleigh.

Staff Writer for the Raleigh News & Observer

Published: Wed, Aug. 12, 2009 02:00AM

Contact Steven Horton at for info on how to join the Raliegh mob! The first mob will be September 13th at Inter-Faith Food Shuttle’s farm off Tryon Road.

In Steven’s words:

Date: 2009/7/27
Subject: [cropmob] Crop Mob for the Eastern Triangle

Raleigh is a wonderful place to live, but for the past decade the city has been falling steps behind the Western Triangle in the field of grassroots agriculture. This is why I am taking the initiative to create a Crop Mob for the Eastern Triangle region. A Crop Mob is a group of experienced agrarian volunteers that can go out to a site and do a lot of work in a short amount of time. This can be extremely helpful to a local small farmer trying to make a living on their next harvest or a community that wants to start a garden, but doesn’t know where to start. You can take the time to check out the successes Crop Mob has had in the Western Triangle region at their website: They have been very helpful to a lot of people and are excited about the prospects of other Crop Mobs showing up across the country. Having a Crop Mob in  Raleigh will certainly strengthen the non-commercial agricultural efforts in the Triangle and we may start to see more of the positive changes we’ve wanted to see for years.

I am currently looking for volunteers in the Raleigh area with agricultural experience who would like to help me organize the group. This would include duties such as site prep, recruitment, tool acquiring, outreach, and anything else we can think of. Beginners are very much welcome as well and I encourage you to contact me to see how you can get involved. If all goes well I would like to call our first mob within the next month at the IFFS farm <>. So, if you would like to share some good knowledge, good food, good music, and good works… mob my inbox! Please look through your email list and spread the word around Raleigh.


Steven Horton

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